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Liyen Tan
Co-Founder & CEO

Edward Tan
Co-Founder & COO

We're hiring interns!

Hawkr is an early-stage marketplace startup. Our primary goal is to grow at lightning speed. Working at Hawkr as an intern will be an experience like no other. You will be treated as a founding team member because you will be working closely with the co-founders. This is a remote, paid position. In general, we are looking for individuals who are adaptable and can thrive in a fast-paced environment. We are less concerned about your academic grades or the number of certificates you have. If you are successful as an intern, we are open to the option of onboarding you as a permanent team member.

Marketing & Operations Intern

You are creative, full of ideas, and someone who thinks BIG. But you are also someone who is strategic and data-driven when it comes to making decisions. We prioritise experience over the number of marketing courses / certificates you have completed. Qualifications: -Social media savvy and some design experience. This is important because you will be taking over social media. -Excellent English proficiency. Preferred Qualifications: -Basic understanding of SEO and digital marketing. -Experienced in building and executing a marketing strategy.

Client Success Intern

As a two-sided marketplace, we see our customers and our merchants as important clients and business partners respectively. Without them, Hawkr would not exist. If you are someone who likes to start your day by making others smile, this is the role for you. Qualifications: -Strong attention to detail. -Excellent organisation skills. You will be handling multiple customers and merchants at any given time. -Great ability to empathise with customers and remain calm under pressure. Preferred Qualifications: -Proficient in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

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