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Not just another food delivery platform

Running a home business is hard. Each business owner faces a unique set of challenges. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Say hello to Micro Cloud Kitchens

Besides providing an online platform to sell, we offer strategic services and features to aspiring home business owners to:

Reduce costs and barriers to running a home business.

Improve sales and brand awareness

Make data-driven decisions with ease

Our awesome features
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With Hawkr, anyone can own a Micro Cloud Kitchen today


All you need is a kitchen...and most importantly, your passion for food!

I'm interested. What now?

Connecting communities, one homemade plate at a time

Many great Malaysian cooks come from humble beginnings. It is not surprising that many of our beloved Malaysian dishes were invented in the comfort of one's home kitchen! Here are some of our commitments to our beloved customers:

Making food accessible to all

We will strive towards a future where no one has to decide between taste, nutrition, and affordability.

Celebrating our diversity and our love for food

There is a reason why we say "Food brings people together!"

Fostering a culture of innovation around food.

Homemade food delivered to your doorstep

Or order for your loved ones! Join us on our journey to build the largest network of home cooks through micro cloud kitchens.