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Introducing: Hawkr With Friends

Food is better with friends. And that's why we're giving massive discounts for group orders. How ah? It's easy. Read on!

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Step 2: We will WhatsApp you

Our team will create a group chat for you. Then, you can start adding your friends!

Step 3: "So, how do we get the discount?"

You get to pick your very own discount code which can only be used by your group! 2 people - 12% 4 people - 25% 6 people - 30% 10 or more people - 45%

Step 4: Time to order!

Your discount will be available to use at select merchants which will change every week. You do not all have to order at the same time. However, we encourage you to do so as it allows our merchants to prepare bigger batches!

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